110 Series Window

LX118 Tilt & Turn Window System

LX118 Tilt & Turn Window System provides a comprehensive solution to the building. Triple sealing is done to the product with the adhesive tape. The middle adhesive tape gives full play to the rain screen principle, ensuring the good air tightness and water tightness of the product. The higher hardware load bearing can ensure the opening of big modules, which will meet the partition requirements of the building more readily. Its parallel and level design of the outer frame and sash gives the building a pretty simple and pleasing look. With the wide heat insulation bar containing the heat insulation cotton, the product has obvious thermal insulation effects. All these make it quite suitable to be used in projects that require higher thermal insulation performance.


Frame depth/mm :118
Sash depth/mm :128
Sash’s clamping glass thickness range/mm :24-44 


Thermal insulation: The K value for thermal insulation can reach 1.6 W/㎡.k.
Sound proof : The attenuation value of sound after passing windows can reach 45 dB (depending on the glass configuration)
Air tightness:The value exceeds500 Pa
Water tightness : The value exceeds550 Pa
Wind load resistance : The value can reach4500 Pa


Thermal insulation K-value can reach 1.6 at most;
Special design for anti-prizing, in accordance with security level;
Mature and standard processing technique improves the processing efficiency;

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